Puzzling Place


….Maybe you shouldn’t….’The Puzzling Place’ is a fun and eye-opening attraction based on optical illusion….Your visual system has floors….and we expose them!

In our ‘Anti-gravity Room’ you’ll swear that balls can roll up hill and you’ll encounter other strange phenomena that will leave you amazed. Our exhibition has illusion pictures, sculptures and interactive exhibits. You’ll rub someone out who’s stood right in front of you, watch your skin come alive and generally rub your eyes in disbelief. We have a gallery of amazing holograms – 3D pictures that you’ll want to reach out and touch, only to find your hand passes straight through.

And see our newest illusion room, known as an ‘Ames Room’ it’s the same effect that was used in the film ‘Lord of the Rings’ to create tall and little people. As you walk across the room you’ll visibly grow and shrink! Or you can make yourself look tiny or like a giant alongside a fellow visitor!

Have your eyes opened at ‘The Puzzling Place’!